DIY Bathroom Renovation Sneak Peak and Reveal!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The last few weeks I’ve had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with the Home Depot on a one of a kind bathroom renovation! This was an unbelievable transformation to say the least. Every inch went from dingy and old to modern and sleek. There’s plenty of fashion forward and trendy elements to keep my personal style shining, while still encompassing the neutrality of a serene and relaxing getaway. I’m confident you’ll agree the before and after is jaw dropping! If you haven’t followed along on my Instagram Bathroom Renovation Highlights definitely check it out to see exclusive updates along the way. There’s also a blog post featuring this space on the Home Depot Blog with renovation tips, ideas, additional photos, and more. Don’t miss it!

With how much I share home renovation and decor, tips, ideas, and inspiration, many of you are always asking “what about the bathrooms?” GIRL - here we go! These rooms have been last on the DIY list (finally) but definitely the worst in terms of style and well - everything. Today’s bathroom is an adjoining bath between our bedroom and hallway. From fixtures to flooring, and everything in between, this entire space had “make it stop” written all over it. One of the main reasons we decided to keep it towards the end of our home remodel process is because as ugly as it was, everything still functioned perfectly fine. I’m more content than ever to never see this room anywhere near these photos again. Happy sigh! :)

Before even starting a renovation in your home, I recommend thinking farther ahead. Is where you live now your forever home? For most, the answer is likely no. With all of our projects in mind my husband and I like to make sure nothing is too custom that it may turn away potential buyers years down the road. However, hardware is usually where I like to let my personal style shine. Switching to a neutral color later if need be is not an issue or time consuming task.

Removing the old shower, vanity, floors, really everything was easier than expected. I think as much as we were ready to see it all go, it knew it was it’s time. Haha! It’s amazing how fast a space can transform once you turn it into a blank canvas. Instantly it felt much more open and the excitement really started to kick in.

Here’s your first peak into the after! This Delta Shower and Bath Faucet seriously makes my heart skip a beat. Talk about on trend, fashion forward, and an overall “WOW” style for an affordable price. Each step of the way as new upgrades were added, I was able to get a feel for what the complete look would be. At first glance of the champagne bronze color against the white UPstile Tub Surround I knew we were onto something that was going to be exactly what I’d hoped for.

The floors were next after the shower was completed. How COOL is this tile? That word was on repeat throughout the whole project! As everything went in all I could say was “this is the coolest!” Jeff Lewis Tile from the Home Depot is included throughout the space in three different styles. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re renovating soon. The entire line will make your Pinterest ideas seem more attainable than ever. 

Champagne bronze continues throughout the space in hooks, towel bars, and even the toilet handle and paper holder. How could I not?! Great design really is all in the details. 

Mid century modern elements will always be on my list of style essentials. Especially for lighting! This vanity light is available in many different versions and compliments all of the Delta products incredibly well. It’s dimmable, and feels so fun and polished. Just wait until you see it completely installed!

This is when things really started to come together. There’s so much satisfaction in adding the final details after a long project. Play music, take your time, and move things around to be sure you’ve selected the perfect placement for your new decor. Below I’m sharing a few more of my favorite elements.

Are you ready to see the FULL REVEAL?! You can check it out here on my YouTube channel! Warning: it’s Ahh-mazing. Also, don’t miss my post on the Home Depot Blog for additional photos, detailed steps, installation tips and more.

*Thank you to the Home Depot for collaborating with me and sponsoring this post!


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