Thursday, December 27, 2018

As the new year approaches in … DAYS (omg) I’m so up for finally tackling the task of completing my home office to ensure I’m organized and inspired for creating content in 2019. My goal is to create a space that’s feminine and functional with lots of pink and white. I love that so many of you tell me my decor style feels positive because that’s always a key element I try to include in any space. But especially in a work space! Below are a few photos that encompass the looks I love. Whether you have a home office dedicated to school/work, or a corner of your bedroom, use today’s post to get your productivity gears turning into the new year.

The first piece any workspace needs is a great desk. I’ve found SO many that I love love love. Three desks have been in my home office in the last few years because I am all about evolving and updating for a consistently inspiring vibe. When you spend as much time as I do at your workspace, it needs change to keep it motivating. My last desk was wooden, and the first piece I’ve bought for the updated space is a glass desk. I absolutely love the sleek and clean feel. It may fingerprint, but it’s easy to clean from my never ending coffee and water rings. Lol :)

Next up is the perfect chair. Do you prefer a swivel or standard four leg base? My last chair was swivel, and now that it’s rather worn I’m looking forward to trying something new. I also love a desk chair in a bold style. Now that my new desk is glass and simplistic, I’m looking for a statement maker. Pink is my first color choice. Feminine, stylish, obsessed!

If I opt for a pink chair I’ll definitely choose either a neutral or animal print rug. Lately I can’t get over leopard in a more modern pattern and style. Shocker, right?! This is the one room I can go full force girly - I’m going to make it count! Which is your fave?

Lastly are all of the organizational supplies. These are definitely important to making my new home office functional. As much as I love to have fun with my decor in any room, function is the most important factor. If you’re using today’s post to shop for your work space too, keep in mind the amount of desk space or shelving you’ll have. Will you need wall mounted organization items? Most of mine will likely be stacked shelving as that seems to fit my personal style more.

I hope today’s post inspired you to get it together for 2019 if you haven’t already. Write down your goals, and give yourself the tools you need to achieve them. There’s no better investment than investing in yourself. 

Xo, A


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  2. Hi, Alexandra i love your style to decorate your home. I found so many diy you have done that i want to recreate. I am sure your office is going to be gorgeous.

  3. Those white/gold desk are gorgeous!!! I wish they would come be a bit bigger!


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