Saturday, April 1, 2017

   Top // Leggings // Sneakers (25% off!) 

       One of my favorite things lately is how "in" athletic clothing is. I've always been a huge fan of workout clothing because of the fabric. It's the epitome of comfort! Plus, when you invest in the right pieces they last such a long time! While in fashion school I considered going into athletic apparel design. It's so interesting when you're learning the science behind why athletic clothing is constructed the way it is.

        Today I wanted to share a few recent purchases I've been obsessed with. This Adidas top comes with the white jersey material attached to the sweatshirt. It has definitely been a go-to piece for me lately, and is a great item for weekend errands! Nike sneakers are another item I can't live without. I've been purchasing them for years, and love that they run true to size. I can always order online without worrying, because returns are the worst! My shoes are more of a lifestyle fit, although if you know me then you know that's the least of my worries. I definitely plan on wearing them to the gym, too! They're available in three different colors, and honestly I love them all! Shop them now while they're on SALE for 25% off!

What are your favorite online stores for athletic clothing? Share your faves with me!


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