Monday, December 9, 2019

Today’s post is sponsored by The Home Depot and features an easy DIY home update idea you can complete in a weekend! Many of us have a space in our home that’s been needing a little attention for some time. Maybe a spare room for crafts/exercise/studying turned storage sanctuary? Often unintentional yet inevitable. Life is busy! Ours is a section of this finished basement. It’s precious square footage that has been wasted for too long. Keep reading to see how we turned this room around!

Until now, the man cave has been an array of furniture from several years and homes along the way we didn’t want to get rid of - and didn’t know if we would ever use again. I’ve jokingly called it a museum of our past home decor style phases. Chad, my husband, has always wanted to transform this space into one he can escape to. From the before photos I’m confident you will agree when I say it looks like anything but a man cave. Florals, pink, forgotten, and even regrettable decor.. you get the picture. Mismatched and out of style all scattered into one. There have always been plans to “manify” this area of our finished basement. It has taken us until now to finally make Chad’s dreams a reality!

Many of you who have followed my content over the last few years know we have done some major renovations and upgrades to our home. From bathrooms, kitchen, flooring, etc, this house has seen a total upgrade. It really is unrecognizable compared to the before photos! All of these labor of love projects have taken us to The Home Depot countless times. Too often those “countless times” have been 5,6, maybe 7 trips in one day! That’s the DIY life, though! Unfortunately for Chad the man cave has been very far down on the DIY list. His anticipation was very ready to get started!

The first step of this project was choosing the perfect paint color. To do this we used ProjectColor™ app, a recent launch brought to you by The Home Depot, to make choosing a paint color easier than ever before. This unique experience allows you to draw color inspiration from anywhere! Your Pinterest board, a gorgeous vibrant vase you can’t stop staring at, even the flowers in your garden. Simply tap “match color” and you’re on your way!

My favorite feature is the “see it in your space” option. This allows you to test out a new wall color in seconds… no brush required! After considering a few options we decided on Chinese Porcelain - The Home Depot’s color of the year! It’s a gorgeously rich blue that complements our bright white baseboards. I just love to make trim pop! What better way to do that than a room full of intense pigment? You’ll see within a few scrolls how much all of the light and white elements in this new space bounce off the wall color creating an elevated, modern feel. With the ProjectColor™ app you can also explore several different paint brands, choose a color family to narrow down your search, save favorites for future DIY projects, match a color from anything that inspires you, and again, “see it in your space”. I have to point out this feature again because it’s incredibly helpful! Upload an image of your room and choose color after color to see endless options come to life. All of this is possible from a few taps, or clicks, as this unique experience is available on both mobile and desktop.  

ProjectColor™ app is integrated with the 2019 Curated Color Palette to help you narrow down your color search and give you the motivation needed to tackle your DIY dreams. Take it from me and my before and after man cave photos - it really is unbelievable how much color can truly transform a space! It’s no secret In-Store color centers can be overwhelming. I know I’m not the only one who’s grabbed paint sample cards one after the other, only to look down at my options with uncertainty on which colors I should move forward with and swatch on the wall.

After seeing a color in your space, you can send the image to anyone you like for their insight. Sometimes all it takes is a second opinion to be sure! Order a paint sample straight from the app, or larger quantities if you’re ready to take the plunge and get started on your own DIY paint project!

Chad plans to use his “official man cave" for football, reading cookbooks, and relaxing after a long day. I imagine him hiding down here to avoid chores, too! The bold wall color is complimented by neutral furnishings to balance the space. He’s loving it and I have to say I am too! Let me know your thoughts in the comments. If your brain is buzzing with DIY motivation, I encourage you to check out the ProjectColor™ app for yourself! It’s amazing what you can create with a little determination and inspiration. Thank you again to The Home Depot for sponsoring this post.


  1. You guys have always such good taste!!!

  2. What a gorgeous color story, I love the throw pillows

  3. Love how it turned out!! Looks really high end and sofisticated, perfect color choice for the man cave 💗

  4. Yes! Come through with that color!

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