Friday, May 24, 2019

If you know me, you know I love a good deal! Lately there are endless designer look-a-like pieces for less that have such a luxe feel. I can't get over the raffia mules below! A perfect Spring/Summer staple for an everyday look. Yesterday's video featured a Louis Vuitton card case made from repurposed canvas. So many of you were like WHAT?!  How?! Basically these sellers purchase used bags, creating different items from the materials. You'll find phone cases, coasters, wallets, card cases (like mine), watch bands, pop sockets, and more. I search for the pieces made with authentic canvases only, however there are imitation items as well. You can find great quality sellers of upcycled designer items on this site. I just ordered this repurposed LV apple watch band and I CANNOT WAIT for it to come in!

My favorite seller of the authentic repurposed LV card cases is this one. Occasionally they sell out, and you can just email them requesting an expected return date for the canvas you prefer. There's tons of different designer upcycled pieces from other luxury brands like Gucci, too. If you'd like to see the card case in action check out the video below:

Next are several of my favorite designer looks for less! I included both the high end and affordable items so you're able to compare. Which is your favorite? Can you tell if all the items are designer or affordable before clicking? Let me know! The monogram tote bag is also featured in the above video, along with the rest of my handbag collection. Happy shopping.. and saving!

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