Thursday, September 14, 2017

     Did you think gingham was reserved for Summer only? Not in my book! Black and white gingham is one of my faves for a Fall outfit! It looks seasonal with out looking too seasonal. The sleeves are my absolute favorite! I just love adding detail to an otherwise simple outfit. One of my biggest staples for the cold weather season are black skinny jeans. There's always at least a little distressing in all of my denim, otherwise they're too simple for me. The distressing on the hem I actually did myself! Just cut off the hem and use a razor, and your fingers, to pull out threads. After a wash cycle they will look amazing, every time. Also, I have to share my favorite lip combo with you! I'm not a lipstick girl, but this one is SO creamy and comfortable to wear. I then top it with this lipgloss. 99% of the time I'm either wearing this combo, or just the lipgloss. Plus, if you center the gloss it makes the lipstick look like a liner. Obsessed! Check out the below to get my look!


  1. How gorgeous you look in this fall outfit.This is really an amazing outfit and it gives you a look of great fashion sense. Keep sharing.

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