Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sweater // Denim Shorts (very similar here, here, and here)  // Bracelet // Shoes (very similar here and here

     My biggest style "rule" is to mix fits. For me, tight doesn't go with tight, and loose doesn't go with loose. When showing lots of leg in your favorite denim shorts, opt for a slouchy sweater or frilly top to balance out the look. This general rule helps to create a focal point and ends up making the outfit appear much more put-together. I wore this for an afternoon of shopping and it was perfect! These shoes have been a staple item in my wardrobe this summer, and I highly recommend them. This grey color is definitely my first choice, but if you prefer a different color you will find several leather and suede options in this link. I hope you enjoyed today's post and thank you for following along!

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1 comment :

  1. So sexy and cool.Yeah this weather is perfect to wear denim and its m favourite brand as well.I prefer to buy its apparels.Nice post.Thank you for posting.


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