Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Top -40% off!- (similar here and here) // Jeans (similar here and here) // Espadrille Sandals (similar here and here)

       Today's post is short and sweet! I wanted to share this top that I'm OBSESSED with because it's on sale for 40% off! Layered ruffle tops like this seriously look so good on every body shape, and give your outfit a fun and feminine feel. The frill detailing on the straps is my favorite part. I should have steamed this top before sharing but... #reallife lol. Also, a lot of you guys were asking me about this top knot bun on Snapchat and Instagram! This is my go-to look on lazy hair days. If your hair is thinner like mine (I'm not wearing extensions here) start with a pony tail. Then, add dry shampoo to the entire pony tail. Fluff and fan the hair with your fingers (I avoid teasing as much as possible). Then, spin the pony tail as your wrap it around and secure it with bobby pins. The pony tail first is important because my bun is always significantly larger this way. This hair style also only works when my hair is dirty and has a good amount of dry shampoo in it. Otherwise, I definitely need extensions for fullness. I hope you enjoyed today's post and thank you for following!

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