Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sweater | Jeans | Mules
(check out the similar pieces below!)

       Today's post has features my daily uniform for this time of year. It's been too cold for short sleeve tops, but ((finally)) warm enough to leave the house without a jacket! To add interest to my simple looks, I love to incorporate small details. The lace-up detailing on the sides of this sweater are very fun and flattering. The buckle detailing on my shoes is another way I like to incorporate detailing. This classic style is one of my favorites. In addition to similar sweaters below, I'm also sharing some of my fave mules because I. Am. Obsessed! Being able to slip on a cute, trendy, mule and head out the door is the best. So easy! I hope you enjoyed today's post, a new video will be up on my channel soon :)

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