Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Today I'm sharing what's on my Winter Wish List! There's tons of affordable pieces and dupes for high end items. What's on your list?! I'd love to know. Happy shopping!
Xo, Alexandra

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I have wanted these boots for the longest time! They're all rubber, so super practical! Plus the color is just the perfect pink in my book. I love how they can just be wiped off, it makes them 100% stress free! You can also buy the cutest liner/socks to wear inside them then fold over the top here.

I've been looking for a great pair of affordable chunky black sunglasses for the longest time! These are exactly what I've been looking for. I always try to have a few cheaper pairs on hand since sunglasses are something my husband and I are professionals at loosing haha. I only take out nice ones every once in a while when I know I wont misplace them. Black sunglasses look good on everyone and go with any outfit!

I know what you're thinking.. this color is dangerous. Ha! I love creams and whites though. Since I already have a black down jacket, I want to branch out a little and add some "color" to my winter jackets. Creams look so pretty in the winter, they give off a dressy element that I just love.

Everyone needs a good pair of dark wash jeans for the Winter! I chose these because I love how the wash is dark, but not too dark. It's also nearly impossible for me to choose denim without at least a little distressing. It's my thing! These are great for pairing with flats, or even thigh high boots. Pockets are also something I'm really picky about when it comes to denim. The back pockets have a slight angle to them, which I love!

This style jacket has been really popular for a few years now. I've been on the fence about it, but this year I'm really into it! J. Crew has a very similar style jacket to this one you can check out here (it's 30% off right now!) but it's a lot more expensive. The big square cut pockets are super practical for easy access. Fur collars are also one of my favorite things on Winter jackets!

FINALLY they come out with a water resistant pair haha. These are only like ten years too late ;) I grew up wearing this brand, and now that we're back in Michigan, I'm excited to get another pair. I know some people are over the Ugg thing, but to me they're just so nostalgic. These are one of the top things on my list, and right now they're 30% off!

I told you guys in a recent video how I'm really into vests this year. They are just so prefect for throwing on and heading out the door. I love the pattern on his one, and the price point is amazing! It's extremely similar to the J. Crew vests that are $120 and a little too thin for my liking.

Everyone needs a good pair of winter gloves! Mittens are always warmer, but I need to be able to move my fingers, grab on to things (you know the drill). I love that these are thin but still warm, touch screen friendly, and the zipper adds a great little detail!

Embellished jeans have never been crazy popular but I've always loved them! The pearls are such a pretty feminine detail, and definitely make me want to wear them in the winter with a chunky sweater! Looser denim like these are also one of my favorite things to wear with ankle booties!

Can you tell I have a thing for jackets this year?! They are just such a staple AND statement item if you live somewhere that gets cold like I do. This one is perfect for throwing on with jeans, a t shirt, and you have a really cute weekend look. The price point on this jacket is great, and I can't get over how much I love the print!

I'll never get sick of leopard print in the Winter! It seems like it will never go out of style because even though it makes a statement, it's also a neutral print. You can also dress it up or down, so it's a win-win!

A trend I'm seeing everywhere (that I love) is lace up detailing. This is such a fun and easy way to add a little something extra to your look! Gray is one of my favorite colors to wear because it looks amazing with pops of color (less harsh than black).

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