Wednesday, October 19, 2016

 Today I'm sharing my recent "go-to" breakfast! This is so simple, low guilt, and definitely satisfying. Plus a huge perk is that it's filling without being heavy!
 I decided against posting exact measurements because I definitely think the amounts of everything in this recipe are subject to personal opinion. I rough chop cilantro (I like the stems!) and I also use greek yogurt instead of sour cream. 
Combine eggs, salt, pepper, chili powder, and red pepper flakes. Whisk and cook! 
Just realized I didn't include the bread in my ingredients picture, oops! I like to use a thin sliced sourdough. Toast and butter!
Place eggs on toast & sprinkle on as little or as much cheese as you like. Nobody's watching!
 Add fresh salsa (I drain as much water from it as I can), yogurt or sour cream, and cilantro.  
That's it! This is so simple, quick, & most importantly (to me) EASY! I hope you love this breakfast option as much as I do!

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